Yes, yes, and yes~

  • ride-high answered:  I looked for ‘best people to get high with’ on google. This blog and Bob Marley were neck in neck.
  • grandaw answered:  well see, i was on this quest, so i asked myself, where else could i find weed and porn daily, and then i found WPD as i finished a blunt.
  • psychoichigo answered:  Tumblr suggested it to me and it was an instant follow the moment I clicked on the page. ^_^
  • akidnamedfresco answered:  LITERALLY when searching Tumblr for my daily dose of weed porn
  • opt1musprim3 answered:  Found you on a dry spell, kept me going on through many others. :D
  • we5t answered:  i believe you found me and then it’s been smooth pickings from there for me :)
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